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Kitchen Renovation

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At Daystar, we welcome every patient with the expectation of healing. Today, Daystar is one of the two accredited Christian Science nursing facilities in the southeastern United States.


To continue offering the highest-quality services to students of Christian Science at our facility well into the future, it is necessary to update the kitchen that has served so many for over four decades, along with the adjacent laundry and utility areas.

All of Daystar’s Christian Science nursing and Rest and Study services remain available during the construction period. Once completed, these crucial improvements to behind-the-scenes areas will help us continue delivering the best care to every student of Christian Science who requests our services. This project is deeply rooted in Daystar’s mission, and it will elevate the patient and guest experience.

The completion of the renovated areas will create more efficiency in our cooking and housekeeping departments while nurturing plans to train Christian Science nurses to serve in our movement. With these improvements, we anticipate offering an even more gracious and comfortable experience for patients, guests, visitors, and staff.

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The project scope includes the needed renovation of our kitchen as well as adjacent laundry/utility areas. All project elements will meet industry standards and electrical, drainage, and safety requirements. Construction includes:

  • A complete commercial kitchen renovation. This includes: ...

  • The addition of a new, small kitchen/break room to be used for two purposes: ...

  • Laundry/utility room updates to provide more space for hanging, pressing, folding, and storage needs.


As this video shows, the newly poured cement provides a rock-solid foundation on which to build Daystar's new kitchen. This foundational stability will support the behind-the-scenes plumbing and sanitation operations needed in a modern kitchen and productive utility area.

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This renovation is not as much about physical building updates as it is about demonstrating the spiritual understanding that Soul, spiritual sense, nourishes us.


At Daystar, the morning meal (as referred to by Mary Baker Eddy on page 35 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures) and the inspired thought that our chefs and Christian Science nurses bring to meal preparations provide daily opportunities for us to live out Mary Baker Eddy’s understanding of the spiritual sense of the Lord’s Prayer: “…Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections…” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 17).


This renovation is a unique opportunity for all who love Daystar and Christian Science to demonstrate collectively what it means to “… feed the famished affections….”

Thank you for your interest in this construction project and for considering how you can prayerfully support this renovation. Daystar’s Board and staff are deeply grateful for the inspired prayers of friends like you.

We also remain thankful for generous gifts from donors whose past contributions are helping to fund this project. These donations continue to have a meaningful impact today and will bless the next generation of Christian Scientists benefiting from these improved spaces.


If you’d like to contribute to the Kitchen Renovation Fund, you may do so by clicking here. Your gift will have a meaningful impact!


Why is this renovation project needed?

Is Daystar maintaining its inpatient and outpatient Christian Science nursing services throughout the renovation?

Is Daystar continuing to welcome Rest and Study guests throughout the renovation?

How is this project being funded?

What is the timeframe for this project?

How are meals being prepared at Daystar while the renovation is underway?

What construction company has been engaged?

How can I keep abreast of renovation progress and updates?

How can I support this project?

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