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Practical Ways to Support Daystar

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Since 1962, Daystar has provided Christian Science nursing services in a dignified, compassionate, and loving environment to students of Christian Science relying wholly on Christian Science for healing.


We are deeply grateful for all of our friends who are inspired to support this healing ministry with dedicated prayerful work and financial donations that help provide for our services.

Every donation makes a difference in supporting Daystar’s mission, and we thank you in advance for your generosity! The following are ways you may wish to support our work practically:

Daystar General Fund Donations

General Fund Donations

Your gift to this unrestricted fund supports every aspect of our work – including staff wages, benevolence funding, Christian Science nursing expenses, equipment purchases, and more.


General Fund donations are essential to maintaining our day-to-day operations and to meeting a variety of needs as they arise.

Daystar Employee Appreciation Fund Gifts

Employee Appreciation Fund Gifts

Your gift to this fund honors the work done by Daystar’s staff and is a token of your gratitude for the mission of Christian Science nursing.

Daystar Christian Science Nursing Fund Donations

Christian Science Nursing Fund Donations

Your gift to this fund assists Daystar's Christian Science nurses by providing them with no-interest loans. Administered by Daystar's Executive Director, these loans can be used by Christian Science nurses at Daystar to help cover personal expenses. Repayment is over a specified period.

Kitchen Renovation Fund Icon.png

Kitchen Renovation Fund

Your gift to Daystar's Kitchen Renovation Fund helps fulfill the essential operational need of upgrading a well-loved kitchen that has served patients and guests for over 40 years.


This fund provides for construction costs and new appliances to create a refreshed kitchen that is vital to Daystar's mission to offer the highest quality Christian Science nursing care.

Daystar Christian Science Nursing Education Fund Contributions

Christian Science Nursing Education Fund 

Your gift to this fund helps provide Daystar's Christian Science nurses with ongoing education. Your support also helps to cover training costs for new Christian Science nurse candidates at Daystar who are interested in becoming Christian Science nurses or Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.

Daystar Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations

Recurring monthly gifts are a meaningful way for you to give consistent, practical support to Daystar throughout the year. Your monthly contribution helps us plan for our activities and offers helpful support to our healing work.

Daystar Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock

Transferring a gift of stock to Daystar without liquidating it blesses our healing ministry. It also allows you to deduct the entire amount from your taxable income and avoid paying taxes on the sale.

Daystar Gifts from Your IRA

Gifts from Your IRA

If you qualify for annual required minimum distributions (RMD) from your IRA, the IRS allows you to donate a portion of your annual RMD to charity tax-free. Please consider making a donation from your IRA to Daystar, Inc.

Daystar Include Daystar in Your Will or Estate

Include Daystar in Your Will or Estate

Including Daystar in your bequest will help advance our healing ministry, supporting us in continuing to bless future generations.


To discuss how to make Daystar a recipient of your estate, trust, bequest, or life insurance policy, or if you have questions about the donation options we have shared on this page, please call our Executive Director at 954.494.8707 or email

Daystar Share Daystar with Family and Friends

Share Daystar with Family and Friends

Please consider sharing Daystar with your family and friends! We’d love for them to be blessed by our Rest and Study Program, or our Christian Science nursing services should an inpatient or outpatient care need arise.

Currently, Daystar is the only accredited Christian Science nursing facility in the state of Florida. We stand ready to bless and serve all who are led to call upon us.


Please share Daystar with anyone who would benefit from knowing about our healing ministry.

Additional Information

Daystar is a not-for-profit organization. Gifts are tax-deductible according to current tax laws.

Legal Name: Daystar, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida.


Please note: Daystar staff cannot provide tax, financial, or legal advice. Please consult with your professional advisor(s) if you have questions about your gift plans for Daystar. Thank you!

Federal Tax ID EIN Number: 59-1115099

Contact: Executive Director Gale Teegarden
Telephone: 954.494.8707

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